Current Projects

Ms. Satorius is the Arts and Humanities department chair at IES Abroad Vienna, a non-profit organization for American university students studying abroad in Austria. Courses she currently offers  include a survey of Austrian Art and Architecture, Opera History I (Beginnings through the Classical Period) and Opera History II (Romantic through Modern). She also guest lectures at various colleges and universities on a range of topics, including Austrian Cultural History and History of Western Art and Architecture.

After earning her MA in Theater, Film, and Media History from the University of Vienna, Satorius is continuing her scholarship as a doctoral candidate. Her dissertation addresses the “Salomania” phenomenon following the 1905 premiere of Richard Strauss’ opera Salome, with particular focus on the title figure’s manifestation in early 20th century popular media.

Gretl Guides: Vienna’s free audio tour podcast
In an effort to provide free, flexible guided tours for independently minded travelers, Satorius launched a new podcast in 2021. Gretl Guides: Vienna offers numerous themed tours, all meticulously researched and curated to provide the experience of a personal tourguide without the expense. Available for download through all major podcast providers.

Ms. Satorius looks forward to resuming her collaboration with director Lloyd Wood following the forced hiatus of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Her original documentary screenplay, The Five Powers, and accompanying comic book, The Secret of the Five Powers, continue to garner praise at film festivals throughout Europe and the United States. Following its New York premiere in June of 2016, the film was awarded “Best Film” at the People’s Film Festival in Harlem.

For further updates on these and other projects, please check back again soon.